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Ordering & Contact Information

Contact Information:
         Star Haven Farms          
17754 CR 124
   Bedias, TX 77831
   (979) 229-zero-578

Star Haven Farms is actually located 3 miles south of Iola just off Hwy 39, but the rural Postal route is considered Bedias...and Bedias is 15 miles from us!  Go figure!

I've Never Done This Before, So How Do I Order And What Will I Get?

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How Can You Order Our Beef? Just give us a call or e-mail us!    We are selling our beef for $5.00 per pound on the carcass weight...just meat and bones weight (head, hide, hooves, innards removed).  Carcass weight varies by animal and sides average approximately 300 lbs or so, quarters around 150 lbs.  Weights can vary up to 20% depending on the animal.  We will provide you with all the information you'll need to decide what cuts and thickness work best for you, and we are more than happy to personally assist you in your decisions.  A $200 deposit per quarter ($400 for a side) secures your part of the beef and we will invoice you for the balance due when the carcass weight is known.  Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and must be paid prior to picking up your beef.  We can take PayPal payments for the deposit.    PayPal  

Our beef is processed at K & C Processing in Navasota, and delivery to the butcher is included in the price.  K & C Processing is a USDA facility, and your meat is processed by both the USDA and Star Haven Farms' requirements.  You pay the processing costs to the butcher,  which runs about 75 cents per pound for butcher wrap or 90 cents per pound for vacuum packaging, when you pick up your  beef.  Using a custom processing plant allows our customers to personally choose their cutting and wrapping preferences. 

Our customers get everything available from their portion of the steer.  Not only the meat, but also receive the bones, organ meats and fat trimmings if they would like them.  Not all producers offer that. 



What Can I Expect To Get If I Order A Side?

These are some of the cuts you can expect from a side (half) of beef and the cutting options available.  For split-side quarters, divide all quantities in half.  We suggest cutting all steaks 1” to 1 ¼” thick.   We like 3# roasts.  Enough for a nice dinner and leftovers for sandwiches.

Rump/Sirloin tip roasts:
  Approximately 2 tip roasts, 2 Pikes Peak roasts and 2 rump roasts are on a side of beef.  You can have the tip roasts cut into tip steaks.

Chuck section:
  This is the chuck and shoulder roasts or pot roasts.   Approximately 8-10 roasts on a side of beef. 

Prime rib section:
  You can either have this left as prime rib roast or cut into rib steaks.  You will get approximately 12-1" steaks, taking all as steaks.  Or 8 steaks with 1 – 3# roast.

T-bone Steaks:
  There are approximately  10 t-bones and 6 sirloins to a side of beef.  You can choose Sirloin strips (called New York strips in the grocery) and tenderloin filets (filet mignon) instead of t-bone steaks as they are from the same steaks.
  Either t-bones OR strips & tenderloin.
Round section:
  You can have either round steaks, cutlets or a combination of both.  If you don’t use either of those, you can put it into ground beef.  There are approximately 8-10 steaks from this section.  One round steak equals 4 cutlets.

Ground beef:
  There is approximately 40-60#s of ground beef on average to a side.  This will increase if you put in the chuck or round, and will decrease if you get stew meat.

Stew meat:
  Stew meat is boneless chunk meat for soups and stews.  You can comfortably get 8 - 1lb packages of stew without a reduction in ground beef.

Soup bones:
  These are meaty soup bones and will make a hearty soup base with quite a bit of beef to pick off the bones.  Or you can chose to have them trimmed out and added to the ground beef.  There are approximately 12 pkgs. on a side.

Cross-cut Shanks:
There are approximately 4 packages of cross-cut shanks.  This cut is very popular now to make Osso Buco.

  You will receive ½ the liver.  This will be sliced and put in 1# pkgs.

Heart, tongue, kidney, ox tail:
  These are limited items and some folks want these, some don’t.  Just let me know.

Other options:
  The brisket can be saved for barbeque or it can go into the ground beef.  Fajita and flank steak can be requested or can also be added to the ground.  We encourage you to take all the "dog bones" and trimmings.  Dog bones are the large bones that are cut into smaller chunks and packaged in 5 lb bags. They are loaded with marrow that makes excellent soup stock.  The beef fat and trimmings can be saved and packaged in 1 lb bags to be fed to your pets or rendered down for other uses.

Ordering a side or a quarter of beef is easy.   We will provide you with a custom cutting form and will assist you in your choices of cuts and packaging.  Note:  Customers purchasing a quarter of beef will receive evenly divided cuts from both the fore quarter and hind quarter.  On a quarter, some adjustments in cutting requests might have to be made to keep from incurring higher cutting costs.