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Texas Show Wethers & Does For Sale

Show Wethers & Does For Sale
We currently have no does or wethers for sale.  When they are, show wethers are disbudded, castrated and vaccinated.  Does will come with either an ABGA registration paper or an application, depending on the age of the doe.  A $100 deposit is required to hold your goat. 


#F5 Boogieman's Angelfire

Angelfire - 100% Boer - Sold  
Born 3/22/15 - Angel is absolutely amazing!  Thick and wide, long and elegant.  Perfect 2+2 teat structure.  She will be a "keeper doe" if I don't get my asking price.  She is worth every dime and would be excellent in the show ring.  Calm natured, very people friendly.

F8 Boogieman's April In Paris

April In Paris-100% Boer-Sold 

Born 4/9/16 - April is a triplet and I'm posting all three for sale and will keep whichever one doesn't sell...they are all equally good.  Great genetics, long and wide with a beautiful cape and a red patch on her leg.  Very striking to look at and very friendly.  She has 3 + 2 teat structure, which will work great for raising kids.


#F17 Boogieman's Red Hot Chili Pepper

RH Chili Pepper - 100% Boer - Sold
Born 6/10/16 - Pepper is so long and so wide and so thick that I kept confusing her with the show wethers.  She is a single and was huge at birth and she's as big as the March and April doe kids now.  She has 2+2 teats with a tiny bud.  Friendly and sweet, and stunningly beautiful.

#F18 Boogieman's Dixieland Jazz

Dixieland Jazz - 99% Boer - Sold 

Born 6/11/16 - Jazz is probably the prettiest girl born this year.  She is extremely thick, very long and has a beautiful red cape.  She has a clean 2+2 teat structure that will work in the ABGA show ring.  Sweet and friendly.  You won't be sorry you added her to  your herd. 

#F22 Boogieman's Peaches and Cream

Peaches & Cream - 75% Boer - Sold  

Born 6/21/16 - On a whim I am listing Peaches.  I have planned on keeping her, but as they say, everything is for sale at the right price.  She is a peach and white paint that is built like nothing you've ever seen.  Sweet and friendly.  Unbelievable rear end, thick and wide all the way down.  I have kept more does from her mom than any other and have more show winners from this line than any other. 

Show Wethers

#23 Fast Eddie

Fast Eddie - Sold                          
Fast Eddie was born 10/26.  He is 30 days old in this picture and the muscle and mass is evident. 
Eddie is huge, wide, thick and everything you could want in a show wether.  He will be perfect for
May, June or July shows.  Get your deposit on him now.

#24 Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete - Sold 
Pistol Pete was born 10/30.  He is absolutely beautiful.  Thick, long and wide!  He is sweet and friendly and loves his back scratched.   He and Eddie are the only two I'll have for this time of year, so get your deposit on him now.